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The Friendly Trust

The Friendly Trust helps vulnerable adults to manage their money by providing them with accessible information and personalised, practical help.


WITH aims to benefit the residents of North Wales and the wider community through therapeutic equine-assisted, educational and recreational activities helping them to have hope and a better future.

CAPITAL Project Trust

We are run by and for people in West Sussex who experience mental distress offering peer support and training to enable people to regain control of their lives

Luton Shopmobility

Luton Shopmobility is an independent voluntary organisation that provides a daily loan service of manual wheelchairs and electric scooters to Luton residents or visitors to the town.

Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link

The Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link connects the peoples of Hastings, UK and Hastings, Sierra Leone to promote reconstruction and friendship. It raises money through events and donations to help rebuild Hastings, SL following its devastation in 1997 during Sierra Leone’s Rebel War. The Link also promotes official twinning, informal exchanges and school-to-school links.