El Clarke, Clean our patch - community litter pickers

Nominated by: Ashton Samuel, Rosanna & Tracey

Ashton says:

The passion and dedication that el shows towards cleaning up the city we live in is quite in unbelievable.
Most days off she is out scoping areas for cleaning and corresponding with the public and council to organise events and bring communities together.
These events not only help clean up the city but they are bringing people together in a positive way. These events are helping children receive qualifications such as d of e and community badges, as well as tackling loneliness and isolation.

Rosanna says:

Clean Our Patch was started as a small community group and has grown to tackle many different areas across the city. Keyham founder and champion, El Clarke has driven this project and got the attention of local Labour MPs, working closely with the council to clear over 1000 bags of litter since March 2018. Awesome work!

Tracey says:

Set up a local community litter pick in our area but has gone further afield plus visiting local scout groups to do talks and picks etc

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