Angie Comerford, Hebburn Helps

Nominated by: Jo Durkin, Kim Mcintyre & Ashley Jemma

Jo says:

Angie runs Hebburn Helps alongside myself and she deserves so much recognition for her dedication and determination to help the people and families who struggle, with financial hardship in our community. She goes above and beyond to ensure nobody goes without. She is one of nature’s finest and purest, giving her all in everything we do to tackle poverty.
She’s is one of nature’s finest specimens of compassion and hope.

Kim says:

Angie works alongside Jo at hebburn helps she goes above and beyond for anyone that needs help whether your homeless or not she runs the local food bank and crisis team she has even spent the night on the streets to raise money for homeless charity’s she deserves this award so much they also help ppl of struggling families at Christmas time with a full Christmas dinner,hampers even presents the local community would be lost if it wasn’t for her hard work she’s a kind lady with a heart of gold.

Ashley says

This woman is a true earth angel she goes above and beyond to help everyone in need , the total determination and dedication she puts in to helping our community is amazing , I myself have struggled and was embarrassed to ask for help for my family of 6 she welcomed me with open arms and took the huge weight of my shoulders. She is one of the most inspirational people I know I feel so privileged to call her my friend xx

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